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Are you thinking about traveling to your ancestral town?

Are you unable to travel to your ancestral town, but would like to know what is there?

Do you want to know what is there before you go (remaining Jewish sites, local Jewish community, people who remember your family)?

Routes to Roots offers customized visits to your ancestral town(s) on your behalf which include:
» Interviews with member of the Jewish community about your family and Jewish life there today.

» Photographs of Jewish sites, local town views and any former family addresses provided by client; videotape of local Jewish sites (Jewish cemeteries, synagogues, Holocaust memorials, etc.), interviews with local government officials, town historians and members of the Jewish community.

Is it possible you still have family in the former Soviet Union?

There are hundreds of thousands of Jews in the former Soviet Union and they could be your relatives. In the last ten years, we have found previously unknown relatives for the following clients:

Shirley Berul
Dr. Emil Dickstein
Paul Gass
Marjorie Goldberg
Dr. Stuart Gottesfeld
Dr. Mark Lester
Ruth Rosenbloom
Jacquelyn Seevak Sanders
Deborah Tall

You will receive:

» Detailed report of interviews, local research and contacts
» Photo album with photos individually labeled and identified
» Video documentary with translation, including titles, credits and    soundtrack.
» Mementos and souvenirs (where available)

What is the cost of a town visit?

The average cost of a town visit is $2,000, depending upon location. Some discounts apply for additional visits to nearby towns (for the same client).



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